Hotel Distances:

  • Beach: 150m
  • Resort’s Center: 400m
  • Bus stop: 100m
  • Taxi: just outside
  • Town: 5km
  • Main Port: 5km
  • Airport: 3 km
  • Hospital: 5km

Kalamaki is a small village built along the beach near Laganas (an extension of the area of Laganas) and is only 7km from Zakynthos Town. The fine beach of Kalamaki is often visited by the famous Caretta-Caretta sea turtles which reproduce each year there and is one of them main resorts of the Island.

There is frequent bus service to the town of Zakynthos and from-to Laganas. You may also chose to rent a Car, a Jeep, a bike or a bicycle. Also, there is a taxi station on the main road to Laganas.

There are many excellent restaurants and taverns at Kalamaki, offering traditional Greek food, English, Chinese, and Italian ones. But if you miss home, there’s fast-food for you, you won’t miss it! Furthermore, some of the restaurants and the taverns offer live Greek music shows with traditional singing and dancing.

The beaches
Kalamaki forms a natural extension of Laganas beach, with perfect golden sand and clean waters. You may rent umbrellas and sunbeds to use at the beach, and there are taverns and restaurants close to the beach. Most of the people prefer the middle of the beach, but if you walk a little, you may discover great, quiet spots. Remember, the sandy beach at Kalamaki is also the reproduction place of the famous Caretta sea turtle. The reproduction season coincides with the vacation season. During July and August, the female turtles come ashore to bury their eggs about 50 cm in the sand. The warm sand causes the eggs to hatch and the baby turtles emerge 8 weeks later, immediately heading to the moonlit sea. So, if you want to spend some time at the beach, you must be careful not to disturb the nests with your umbrella or by digging, also you must not touch the emerging baby turtles. Power water sports are not allowed in the area and no one is permitted at the beach after sunset.
There are boats with glass bottoms, from which you may watch the turtles in their natural environment. There are also small boats that take tourists to remote beaches. Take the opportunity to visit Marathonissi island, where the beach is also a reproduction area of the Caretta turtle.